Epic Games is in accuse of stealling from a DeviantArt artist.

Epic was accused of plagiarism. The Taro said that Protector of the Wilds skin was released in November 2018 and obviously too much in common with an original character design that appeared on Deviant Art two months before.

The design features a character with a mask, all over a head, and two horns. The hair, mask, it’s shoulderpads, a belt, almost everything seem very much alike in Fortnite as they are in the original artwork created by Elecast on Deviant Art.

“Ok, This… This is just awful, A company like epic games, just STEALING the design from a small artist for making profit (’cause they sell the skin…) Without giving, credit or ANYTHING, They STOLE the full design.”

— ShadowTV (@DJShadow_TV) March 31, 2019

We asked Epic Games’s spokesperson about all the situation, and the response was: “We take these claims seriously and are in the process of investigating them.”

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