Entropia Universe celebrates summer with an annual summer competition

Entropia Universe

Summer is officially here and MindArk is celebrating in Entropia Universe throwing the annual Summer Mayhem event. During this event, players must protect Planet Calypso from the Ascended Mulmun created by the use of Eomon pheromones during seasonal rituals.

Summer Mayhem Event

According to top scientists at the Colonial Xenobiological Institute (CXI), Mul mutants have experienced an increase in aggressive behavior during seasonal rituals due to Eomon pheromones in the atmosphere. Taking part in the event players can prove themselves by defeating the Ascended Mulmun and protect Planet Calypso. Upon entering the ritual area, participating players will be timed, with the best earning some of Entropia Universe’s most coveted prizes.

If this is not enough, you can also join in for Mayhem Annihilation gameplay. After activating the mysterious pile of skulls near the event entrance, your task is to kill spawned creatures to accumulate as many points as possible over a limited time.

In order to participate in any of the Summer events, you need to enlist via the Global Events List from any planet, as well as the Mayhem Assault Training and Practice Annihilation areas. Take your part, earn the points and get your gifts! By the way, the players received the most points will get additional valuable prizes.

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