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«Endless Night» will be released next week.

The upcoming update of Blade & Soul, “Endless Night”, will be released next week and with it will appear the third specialization of the warlock “The Path of the Devastator”.

This new class specialization brings with it the ability to use a large scythe in the Devastator position, dealing damage to your enemies with “spiritual attacks”.”

“Reap the souls of your enemies with this new specialization and accept the spirits that feed on your power. On July 14, the Warlock welcomes his 3rd specialization “The Way of the Reaver”. Become an angel of darkness when you move into the Reaver position and wield a large scythe to conduct spiritual attacks.”

Actually, with the Endless Night, a new meeting is waiting for you in the village of Kaebi, in which players will repel Dokkaebi attacks. Players will be tasked with saving the village from attack, as the Dokkaebi and Kebi relationship, which Blade & Soul describes as more symbiotic, has failed.

The Reaver specialization was demonstrated today in the stream, giving players an early idea of the content, as well as a bright new specialization in action.The most important thing is that the endless night comes to Blade & Soul on July 14.



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