Endeavors coming soon with new Iron Atronach Crown Crates

Endeavors coming soon with new Iron Atronach Crown Crates

On Thursday June 17th, along with the new Iron Atronach Crown Crates, the Endeavors will appear in the game, available to all ESO players. You will be able to track and complete accomplishments, which can be found in the Activity Search menu.

Endeavors are simple daily and weekly quests that will reward you with gold or experience, as well as a new currency, the Endeavors Seals. In the Seals section of the Crown Store, Seals can be used to purchase any items from the currently available Crown Crates.

For the first time, simply playing the game will be enough to obtain rare and unique items from Crown Crates.

Iron Atronach Crown Crates will also appear in the game. Many interesting rewards can be found in these vaults. All new items can now be obtained using the Endeavors seals. The new system and special Seals of Endeavors will allow you to obtain items from Crown Crates, however, as before, Crates can be purchased from the Crown Store for Crowns.

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