Encounter Surveillance System is now finally live.

So, as it became known, EVE Online launches Supercarriers, bounties and faces changes to the surveillance system. Several updates hit EVE Online, almost completely rebuilding supercarriers, bounties, and the collision monitoring system.

As for supercarriers, players can now respawn inside the local fleet spurekarier. It has doubled in size, in addition to a very significant visual update. This update is Vat Out of Hell previously announced which includes these changes for supercarriers:

  • Light fighter signature increased by 10%.
  • Wyvern and EON fighter damage bonus increased to 7.5%.
  • Light fighter speed reduced by 10%.

Also, the dynamic bounty system is undergoing a major overhaul in relation to payouts. If the players are a Corporation, then they need to use more of their space if they want to keep their income.

And finally, previously announced updates such as the Encounter Surveillance System (ESS) are now finally working live. Let me remind you that SS is no longer optional and will be present by default on all Nullsec systems. Its location is public and can only be accessed with certain ship classes.

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