Elyon starts 2nd beta with more content

Elyon starts 2nd beta with more content

The new MMORPG Elyon has not only announced a second closed beta, but also a release date in autumn 2021. In addition, the second beta should offer more content than the first.

What was announced? Developer Bluehole has announced a release period and a second closed beta phase for the upcoming MMORPG Elyon. Elyon will be released in autumn 2021 and will share this period with another highly anticipated MMORPG, namely Lost Ark. An exact date has not yet been set.

A second closed beta has also been announced, for which you can register from July 26th to August 11th. The exact start of the beta will be announced after this period. The closed beta will last for five days and will allow more players than the first beta.

What new content is there? The developers are delivering a new version to us in the second closed beta, which should be closer to the Korean version. So you don’t play the same content as in the first beta phase. The new content includes:

  • The new class: the Slayer
  • Balancing adjustments and revised capabilities
  • A new type of content with the dimension portals
  • The dungeons are now divided into solo and group content
  • Leveling up faster to see more of the game in beta
  • Better infrastructure for western players
  • English, German, French and Spanish as selectable languages
  • Events especially for the closed beta

How can you participate? You can register for the second closed beta directly on the Elyon website or via the Elyon Steam page (via Steam). The possibility to do this will be activated on July 26th. You will then be notified via email whether you are approved for the beta.

It will also be possible to pre-order the game from July 26th. It is not yet known whether this will guarantee a place in the beta.

Why is the second round worth it? With a lot of new content and a much more advanced game version of Elyon, it’s worth taking a trip to the second beta even if you’ve already played the first.

Since more players are allowed, your chances of getting a place are increased accordingly, but there is no bonus for the members of the first beta. For everyone who is interested in Elyon and was unable to take part in the first beta, the second beta is an ideal second chance for an insight into the new MMORPG.

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