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Elyon reports that its developers are dismantling a new class of equipment.

Well, in its latest blog, Elyon says that its developers are dismantling a new class of equipment coming to MMORPGs, as well as developing a new market system that is designed to solve RMT problems head-on.

And ahead of the second closed beta testing next month, Elion is adding a new class of equipment-“Knight Equipment”.” This new equipment class will have lower stats than the more powerful epic or legendary items you can collect, however, the knight’s equipment can be upgraded with up to five upgrade slots. Kakao and Bluehole claim that thanks to this Knight equipment, it can be “easier to reach higher levels”.”

“This time we are introducing a completely new class of equipment! Although the newly added “Knight Gear” has lower stats than Epic or Legendary Gear, we are convinced that you still want to be as chivalrous as possible. This equipment stands out because it has at least 5 upgrade slots, which makes it easier to reach higher levels! It can be obtained from many monsters in the Heart and in the Spatial Portals, and we are already looking forward to the knighthood that this will bring to Elion.”

The new dungeon and Dimension portals that will appear in Elion will reward players with Excellent runestones aimed at providing players with a variety of abilities for mixing and matching, such as DMG reflection, fire improvements, associated healing and much more. In addition, players will be able to upgrade or” evolve ” their equipment from epic to Legendary.

“Introducing an equipment continuity system that allows you to successfully upgrade Epic Equipment to Legendary Equipment! The equipment available for Succession must be + 10 Epic Class or Breakthrough Equipment. After the upgrade, your previous successful improvements will remain so that you can participate in all upcoming battles in the way you are already used to. Higher levels of gain require more Sequence Stones and Gold.”

And also, a new market place will appear in the CBT2 test in August of this year, which, according to the developers of Elyon, is designed to solve problems that players may have in connection with trading for real money or RMT. Elion claims that after working with Bluehole, the team proposed changes in the market to deal with RMT transactions, such as the minimum/maximum price list, as well as the default price specified for each item sold. The team states that these values will fluctuate taking into account the history of sales of goods. This market change will be verified during the CBT2 period.

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