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Elyon reported problems with the closed betа-test.

Not particularly good news, but still. Elyon, formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, is a little out of the gate with the beta launch this morning. From launcher issues to login issues, players have been unable to upgrade to the MMO across the board. While there are many people capable of playing, Elion stated that their current goal is to get everyone to pass the test as soon as possible. So the team tweeted this morning that they would consider extending the overall test ” accordingly.”



Unfortunately, the team abandoned their plans to go live with the MMO earlier this morning to sort out the launch issues, trying to get more and more people involved in the beta testing itself. The team is currently dealing with issues on the North American server that prevent players from entering the beta test despite having passed the launcher. Right now, if you’re unlucky, you’ll be greeted with a “select server” screen, only for the MMO to crash onto the desktop. And the developers have announced that they have invited 20,000 people to the beta test, so it’s not surprising that there are problems. Every beta seems to have them, though the real test will be if these issues persist when the game officially launches in the West later this year. There are plenty of people able to play the beta, as there are currently 12,000 people watching the gameplay on Twitch at the moment. I hope that soon more of these people will be able to jump into Elyon themselves.

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