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Elyon has to deactivate some features at the start – too many problems

The newly released MMORPG Elyon has lags and long queues when logging in. But steps have already been taken to improve performance and appease the players.

What is Elyon? The new MMORPG Elyon started in Korea at the end of 2020 and has now finally come to us in the West. As a Free2Play game, it can be played for free.

The action-packed combat system, which is reminiscent of a mixture of TERA and Black Desert, is a feature of the game. It also offers a colorful steam punk setting in an Asian look.

What are the problems right now? Elyon was released on October 20, 2021 and since then player complaints about in-game performance issues have increased. So there are always lags, which is anything but fun, especially in a dynamic action combat system.

In addition, players report long queues. Both problems seem to be more prevalent in Europe. But the developers have already addressed the problems and worked out several solutions.

Developers turn off world quests and RvR-PvP

What are the actions taken by the developers? In order to solve the problems with the lag, the developers are taking drastic measures. Because apparently two features of the game are increasingly to blame for the lags. Therefore, the global world quests and realm-vs-realm battles will be deactivated until further notice.

At least the RvR battles will be online again by the next server maintenance on October 27th at the latest. The battles planned up to that point will be treated as a tie and rewards will be distributed accordingly.

To reduce the queues when logging in, a new EU server called Perseus will go online soon. Until then, no new characters can be created on the Andromeda and Sagittarius servers. All of this should increase performance and reduce queues.

How is Elyon even received by the players? Elyon had a difficult time anyway due to the timely start of New World, but was still able to attract over 10,000 players, which is one of the reasons for the queues.

However, the game doesn’t do very well on Steam and recently only had mediocre ratings in the reviews on Steam.

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