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Elyon has over 10,000 simultaneous players on Steam, but poor reviews

On October 20th, the new MMORPG Elyon appeared on Steam and in its own client.

How does Elyon arrive at release? At its start on October 20th, the new MMORPG peaked at over 13,000 simultaneous players. On October 21, the value was even slightly surpassed, with 13,876 simultaneous players as the previous record. However, these figures do not include the players who downloaded the client directly from the website.

Experience has shown that the first weekend is usually the toughest for a new MMORPG. So the numbers could rise again. Since Elyon is also Free2Play, there is no big hurdle to start in the new title.

What do the Steam Reviews say? The reviews are currently mixed. Of the current 767 reviews, only 48% are positive. Criticism is expressed above all of the graphics, the upgrading of the equipment and the “missing soul” that Elyon is supposed to make too interchangeable. We had a similar conclusion at the end of the first closed beta: “Like Black Desert, but with half the budget”.

What do the critics say? The negative reviews focused on graphics, performance problems and the “missing soul”: for example, the user Splatty writes: “It looks like Black Desert for a dollar, which also only relies on Unreal Engine 3.”

CyberDown is bothered by the inconspicuous game world: “The game world is super small and inconspicuous, despite the one cool landscape in every zone. Lots of stuffing with mobs standing around like it’s 2005. ”

The user DerHelleBarde explains further: “Unfortunately I can’t stand this game for more than 5 minutes. If the graphics are still pretty, the UI, the camera work and the incredibly poor legibility of the texts just give me a headache. ”

The greatest criticism is directed at the upgrading of equipment. It can fail and even damage the item in the process. The user EAX is particularly annoyed by this: “Do you want to upgrade equipment? For this you need appropriate upgrade stones. You can of course improve these stones yourself and then of course again and again, so that the chance of a successful upgrade is nice and high. If the upgrade fails, a possible upgrade slot is bombed out / destroyed and, in the worst case, the equipment is additionally downgraded”.

In addition, the PvP scaling is addressed in several negative reviews. This is not available, so that high-level players can defeat the low-level enemies with sometimes only two hits.

Further points of criticism are the working points and the combat system, with opinions differing widely in the fighting. Some users also complain that the anti-cheat software XIGN does not allow them into play or that they do not trust this program at all.

What is praised? The positive reviews especially praise the action-packed combat system:

User Bryan writes: “Incredibly good combat system. The classes are a lot of fun. ”

Voxzin describes the combat system as follows: “It’s a good middle ground between Black Desert and Final Fantasy XIV. Not so fast that you are constantly sweating, but also not so slow that you just make combos and chat on the Discord.”

There are further praises for the various PvP modes, the constant feeling of getting new and better equipment and the crafting system.

Some positive reviews also go into aspects that Elyon has ahead of the new MMO New World. LuckyL00ose® ™ writes for example: “Positive because I can ride and swim, not like in the MMO of a world company.” Another user emphasizes that the quests are better than New World’s.

The thing with the shop: The shop is also a topic in the reviews. In addition to cosmetics, it also offers some buffs with monthly costs and an item that increases your attributes. You can get it in-game, but faster via the shop.

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