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Elyon has broken down the statistics of the first beta test.

Some time ago, Elyon held its first closed beta test, and the development team went to the game’s blog to talk a little about the test itself, player statistics, and the upcoming CBT2 test in August.Elyon, the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, broke down the stats of the first beta test, showing which content players liked the most, a breakdown by class, as well as the content players want from future tests, and ultimately the full game.

The team claims that nearly 14,000 surveys were conducted by players, with most players praising the fight in the MMO itself, according to Kakao. The team claims that Elementalist was the most popular class during CBT1, followed by Mystic. The Assassin was the least played class, but not by much, according to Elion’s team table. But players also stated that while Elion has a number of ways to play, starting with battlefields, arena content, and more, quests (unsurprisingly, when you think about it) were the most enjoyable content. As for future content, Elion claims that players want more dungeons and classes in the future. Which is convenient, since the Slayer class, according to Bluehole and KRAFTON, will be available in a second closed beta in August.

The August closed beta will feature a more updated version of the Elyon client, with the team stating that the beta was originally supposed to be released in July, and will now be released in August, giving the team additional time to localize the Korean MMO build.

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