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Elyon has announced its next closed beta.

Well, Elyon, which was previously known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, announced its next closed beta yesterday during the team’s dungeon stream. The test, which will allow players to check out the upcoming Korean MMO again ahead of its full localization in the West later this year, is scheduled to begin in August.

During a recent stream, the team demonstrated a dungeon launch with CM Karim of Elyon, giving players a glimpse of the gameplay, as well as answering questions and eventually revealing the CBT2 date. The thread itself showed the launch of one of Elion’s dungeons, and it’s worth checking out if you’re wondering what group content entails in the upcoming MMORPG.For those more interested in testing it out on their own, the beta test will take place this August, although the team has yet to release the actual date of the test itself. Pre-ordering Elyon will give you guaranteed access to beta testing, although at the moment the pre-orders themselves have not yet begun.

In addition, the client used for testing will be a more modern version of Elyon, which means that players will get an idea of the content and how the MMO works closer to what is currently happening on Korean servers.

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