Sandbox MMO ‘Elteria Adventures’ Hosting Open Alpha June 9 During Steam Game Festival


The new sandbox MMO called Elteria Adventures has announced an open alpha. It’s starts on June 9 during the Steam Game Festival we spoke about in previous posts.

The alpha will be open to anyone who would like to give it a try with a full trial week during the festival. If you’re still unfamiliar with Elteria Adventures, don’t worry, we will catch you up. It’s actually described as fusing several genres. Players are able to create castles and bridges there. They should dig deep to uncover secret caverns, and level whole mountains. It will also contain a skill-based combat system, and a platformer-esque movement system.

Eva “Leraine” Sachkova, Project Owner at Elteria Team, shared the following in an accompanying press release,

“It’s impossible to develop innovative MMO without feedback and suggestions from the community. Steam Game Festival presents us with a perfect opportunity to show Elteria to a wider audience. The game is still very much a work-in-progress, but we invite everyone to join us as we plan to stream and play together during the Festival[.]”

You can check out the game on Steam. In the meantime, below are some key features slated for Elteria Adventures:

  • Create and destroy!
  • The world of Elteria is fully changeable. You can break it, you can build it. Use your powers to create castles and bridges. Dig deep to uncover secret caverns. Level a mountain. In combat you can create cunning traps for your enemies or punch them through walls!
  • Polymorph into a Mooncat!
  • Elteria is full of impossibly cute and magical creatures like Boarmelons, Tentacles, Crystal Llamas, dreadful groundwalking Ground Sharks, and many others. If you manage to capture their souls, you will be able to use their abilities and even use Polymorph spell to assume their forms and abilities.
  • Jump on clouds!
  • The land of Elteria was torn apart in mysterious cataclysm, so watch your step! You’ll have to find creative ways to jump, glide and fly your way around the floating islands. Hop on the jumper mushroom and see where it gets you (probably right to your doom).
  • Choose your Calling
  • Different classes (Callings) each offer a unique playstyle. Will you blow things up as a Demolisher or create stone walls out of thin air as an Architect? Kick the monster snouts as a Fighter or control them as a Summoner? We have no idea what Trickster is up to, but it’s surely no good. Oh, and you can change your calling .

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