Elite: Dangerous will release a new patch with Commander Creation changes and other updated features

Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous shuts down its servers on April 23rd for “approximately six hours, though the time could run over” to make the April Update work. Devs team promises some advancement in a range of features such as the Main Menu and Commander Creation. Changes contain the Pilots’ Federation District, a new “regulated area” styled for new commanders. Also new modules has been added and some improvements in other, smaller, areas.

Commander Creation:

  • Updated the new commander flow to make the process more informative and engaging
  • Ship selection screens now show more information on the ship, and also containes an image of the ship itself
  • You can now choose to start in the Dromi system (in a permit-controlled area administered by the Pilots’ Federation) or in the standard package location

Other features to update:

  • the Navigation Tab
  • Training Simulation added
  • Commodity Market Interface updates
  • bug fixes and other improvements
  • the Pilot’s Handbook with new Codex entries

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