Elder Scrolls Online Previews Greymoor 12


The upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Chapter is packed with a myriad of new content. It includes new zones, new quests, new dungeons, and new raids. Over the past few weeks we’ve been treated to a number of previews. They gave us an idea of what to expect when Greymoor launches next week. Today, we’re taking a look at the new 12-player Kyne’s Aegis trial.

“Once a prosperous fishing and mining village, Kyne’s Aegis is besieged. Swarming from massive longboats and led by a powerful vampire lord, an army of Sea Giants, Half-Giants, and vampires have broken through the island’s meager barricades and now threaten to wipe out its few remaining defenders.  Before they are completely overwhelmed, Thane Ogvar sent out a call for aid, and now you and your allies must mount a counterattack against the invasion and confront the monster at its heart.”

According to ZeniMax, the trial was designed based on player feedback from the Elsweyr Sunspire Trial. “Every trial, we try to build upon the successes and learn from player experiences,” says Lead Encounter Designer Mike Finnigan. “We learned quite a bit from Sunspire, and while we think we struck a good tone in difficulty with three bosses and three hard modes, we DID hear the feedback that players desired a more linear experience and feeling of progression. Not only that, they wanted more impactful non-boss encounters to engage with.”

During the trial play, players will go up against a horde of vampires thralls. Regardless on which server you’re playing, you can buy ESO Gold in our store. Their masters half-giants will be trying to evade lightning strikes from a raging tempest surrounding the island. “The Sea Giants are very shamanistic by nature, so they use the elements to their advantage when hunting out at sea or invading islands,” Finnigan explains. “They have dedicated Stormcallers who can harness the power of the storm to call lightning strikes, all with the purpose of keeping the defenders’ heads down.”

Players will have to face three challenging bosses including two massive Sea Giants: Yarnir the Butcher and Captain Vrol. The final grand boss fight will be against the vampire Lord Falgravn. He has multiple phases and different abilities for each phase. A variety of loot and rewards await those who undertake the new trial including the new Roaring Opportunist gear set, the Sea Giant skin, and the Ritual Circle Totem.

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