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Elder Scrolls Online manager has updated the community.

So, Elder Scrolls Online community manager Gina Bruno updated the community regarding proc kits after the recent Cyrodiil test.

A very recent test in Cyrodiil, ESO‘s PvP region, showed that all proc sets are disabled. Gina notes that disabling these sets did not negatively affect performance in PvP. She notes, however, that there has been a “slight” deterioration, but nothing measurable.In addition, due to this test, several players reported that by disabling these proc sets, the game felt fresh and the fights were more enjoyable. Because of this feedback, the team will leave the proc kits disabled until Update 31 sometime in the Third quarter.

At this point, we will implement some new code to have more flexibility with campaign rule sets as it applies to proc sets. We’ll be working on applying all of this to consoles as well, and we’ll let you know when we have a start date for this process.

In addition to all this, Gina notes that they now have enough data to understand what the next steps should be to improve performance in Cyrodiil. She notes that the work ahead will be “challenging” and will require time from the team. Given the complexity, it looks like no graph has been presented so far.

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