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Elder Scrolls Online has released an update.

More recently, Elder Scrolls Online released an update called Markarth, but as always, it was not without a number of problems. Fortunately or not, ZOS has released a quick patch that fixes several issues, including a missing leaderboard for Vateshran Hollows and an unresponsive Light Attack weaving bug.

This patch 6.2.6 fixed much more than many of the issues that were continued, as well as those that occurred in the game after the Markarth update. Players will be able to expect some nice changes in the ateshran hollows Arena, some research and gear fixes, some combat abilities and fixes, interface fixes, and some fixes related to crashes related to Dragonstar Arena and viewing non-combat Pets. Check out all the patch notes on the official forum, breaking down all the fixes and changes.

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