Тhe next DLC in the DARK HEART of SKYRIM storyline

ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE: announced the next DLC in the DARK HEART of SKYRIM storyline

ZeniMax Online Studios announced a new DLC coming to the Elder Scrolls Online live. The new DLC will be called Stonethorn.

In The stonethorn DLC, you will be able to explore two new dungeons that are based on stories. While these dungeons are part of a larger narrative, you can enjoy their stories without completing the adventures of Dark Heart of Skyrim.

Oblivion will be capped along with Stonethorn, which will bring additional performance updates that will include a new memory management system. The free update to the base game will also introduce a new HOMESTEAD character patching system that will allow players to create paths for their Pets, horses, and helpers to follow. Stonethorn and the update will be rolling out on PTS next week.

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