Elden Ring: In-game lyrics are not from George R.R. Martin, but from Miyazaki

That Game of Thrones legend and procrastination writer George R.R. Martin collaborated on From Software’s latest work Elden Ring, has been known for a long time. He was hired above all for the story and the cart. As we have now learned, no other in-game text came from him.

After the trailer at Gamescom 2019, there was dead silence around Elden Ring for a long time. But From Software’s latest title reappeared at the Summer Game Fest 2021 and since then, information has not been as stingy as before. The release date is known, the creative soul of the developer studio, Hidetaka Miyazaki gives interviews and the Steam site is already online.

That Game of Thrones legend and procrastination writer George R.R. Martin also worked on Elden Ring, has been known for a long time. As he revealed in an interview, he was mainly responsible for the history and lore of the world. The fact that not a single scrap of text in the game came from him should come as a surprise to some.

As always, a cryptic story

According to IGN, Miyazaki is the one who produces the lyrics in the game, he is “at the forefront of the lyrics”. The development should have been well beyond the text production stage, after all, Elden Ring will appear on January 22nd, 2022. But the news about text responsibility matches Martin’s statement that he has been adapting his work “for years” Elden Ring was done.

Despite Martin’s participation in lore and worldbuilding, die-hard From Soft fans can look forward to a familiar cryptic story. Yasuhiro Kitao, the studio’s man responsible for marketing, advertising and production, said: “In From-Tradition, the story is told in fragments and we have not changed our principle of serving players a world and narratives that they can interpret for themselves . “

Anyone who has played Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Demon’s Souls knows what that means: Information about the world can be found in item descriptions, is subtly interspersed in cutscenes or is told by NPCs with a creepy laugh. Anyone who ends Elden Ring with a big question mark on their face will probably find, as always, a detailed story analysis from Souls YouTuber VaatiVidya.

Fortunately, there won’t be much time left until then, after all, Elden Ring will be released on January 22nd, 2022 and will be available for PC. PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series. If you are waiting feverishly for Horizon: Forbidden West in addition to Elden Ring, rest assured: It will not appear until February 18, just under a month later. Enough time to properly immerse yourself in the new world of From Software.

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