Eira the Void Witch comes to Vindictus, bringing freshness to the gameplay; Golden Time event

vindictus eira

This time Vindictus delivers us Eira the Void Witch, announced in March she was put in the game yesterday, together with the return of the spring Golden Time event.

Eira’s abilities

  • Portal Leap: Eira can easily open portals and quickly warp through, applying her mana. While passing through the portal, she remains unbeatable and enemies are not a problem.
  • Gravity Rounds: Using Gravity Rounds, Eira can make an anti-gravity field, detaining all weakened enemies.
  • Infinity Shot: She can quickly fire both Mana Revolvers creating a massive bullet stream from the portals with Infinity Shot.
  • Waveform Collapse: Eira ties the enemy and release a concentrated steam of shots while fast moving around the area. She can also make countless spears appear to assault her enemies through her portals.

Golden Time Event

Golden Time event has come in Vindictus yesterday; players will be gifted with items for every weekend they log in since now and till June 4th. Players will also be provided with a chance to use some doubled AP and XP gains during the first two weeks of Golden Time and an additional Departure Count during the last two weeks.

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