Dying Light 2’s new trailer featuring protagonist and estimated release date shown at E3

dying light 2

Another trailer for Techland’s Dying Light 2 was shown at Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference, giving a good look at the parkour gameplay we have already seen, thanks to initial release. The trailer begins with protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, bounding across rooftops set to moody music, and ends with the newly revealed spring 2020 release date.

Living In The Apocalypse

The virus is not only infecting the citizens of The City, it has basically torn society apart. Aiden is an infected survivor who can use his combat ability and parkour moves to get through The City, which is overrun by warring factions. During the day, bandits and other humans trying to survive are the threat. At night, it’s the infected, zombie-like creatures that Aiden will need to avoid. And there’s something interesting to know for you as an infected folk: the higher your infection level in the game, the more powerful you’ll become in terms of speed, power, and stamina, but if you reach a certain level, you turn into a zombie.

Dying Light 2’s story happens 15 years after the first game’s events. Now this is a modern dark age, where zombie apocalypse is well established.

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