During the presentation of Ubisoft Forward we learned about the release date of Roller Champions.

A lot of news about the releases of major games and a lot of them, if I may say so. Unfortunately, along with this cool releases of little-known games go down the news. This is exactly what happened with Roller Champions, a Ubisoft sports game. Announced back in 2019, the roller action game disappeared from the radar for a long time after alpha testing-to return with good news.

Roller Champions is a free-to-play sports game where two teams compete in dynamic roller skating races. In spirit, what is happening on the screen resembles Rugby or football (here, too, you need to chase the ball and score goals), only at much higher speeds.

During the presentation of Ubisoft Forward, we became aware of the release date, which will be the beginning of 2021. Initially, the developers planned to release the game in early 2020, but for unknown reasons, they did not do this, although they wanted to. The latest news should be in October, so it will be waiting for them. The release should take place on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and smartphones.


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