Dungeons and Dragons Online delays Masterminds of Sharn expansion’s launch to May 14th

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Daybreak Games and Standing Stone Games disappoint us with news about the Dungeons and Dragons Online. The update called Masterminds of Sharn, which was originally planned to be released on April 30th, now is expected on May 14th, so dev team can properly prepare it for launching.

“We’re writing to update you on our release date for the Masterminds of Sharn expansion. In recent days, as we’ve neared our original April 30th date, we’ve been looking at several things we want to do yet, based in part on your feedback from Lamannia, and so we have decided to take a bit more time for final bug fixing and polish work. Our new release date for the Masterminds of Sharn expansion is now May 14th. Thank you!”

We only can pray for things won’t delayed farther.

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