Dual Universe’s innovation: developers has told how Barter works in their new blog

dual universe barter

The Dual Universe devs has updated their blog, this time they introduce the new player trading system called Barter. According to post, you now can sell and buy items, communicating with any other players whenever you are in the game’s reality: to do so, click on the player you need and the Barter will start.

The Barter’s Process

You will see two windows: one for what player wants to sell, another for the exchange items of the second player. But there’s always a possibility, that one of two dealers will change the item at the last second. To prevent such a fraud, developers have added an auto-cancelation, which activates in case one of the traders changes the basket’s content.

At this time, there’s seemingly no issues with that innovation, so we hope it will work as it should in the future.

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