Dual Universe dev blog about new features: the Talent System, Barter, UI tweaks & graphic updates

dual universe game

The Dual Universe devs has posted a new blog, going deep into player progression and the Talent System, one of the main ways in Dual Universe to create and individualize the character. Also, expect several new graphical and UI features.

New Features

Talents will connect with almost each feature and become a major component of the game. Players will be able to use basic character statistics, tools for mining and digging and many others. More talents you add, more tools you get.

The graphic updates are not so impressive in comparison with motion blur and new volumetric cloud generation.

UI tweaks have more quality, for example missed notifications tab in the chat and applying arrow keys while placing voxels.

The Barter system is a notable one, you can read about it here.

All the new updates are listed in a video below.


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