Dream Engines: Nomad Cities will be released in Early Access on July 14

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities will be released in Early Access on July 14

Suncrash has announced that Dream Engines: Nomad Cities, an urban survival game, is coming to Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store on July 14th. In the early days, the game will be sold with a 10% discount. Regional prices are still unknown.

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities will take us to a post-apocalyptic world and allow us to build a floating nomadic city. In this case, resources will have to be obtained in various biomes, and most of them are inhabited by dangerous sleepy hassles. The area of ​​a nomadic city is small, and large-scale production chains cannot be built on it: for this you have to sink to the ground. But the longer we are there, the more likely and larger will be the raids of hassles. Fortunately, when it will be very difficult to resist them, you can fly away – while deciding which buildings you will have to sacrifice.

Players are promised a huge world full of ancient ruins and secrets, although the secrets of the world will be added to the game later. And with the help of a steam robot, you can explore the surroundings: in these missions, the game turns into a third-person action movie.

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