Dofus’ Eliocalypse updates are in intention to destroy space-time

Dofus Eliocalypse

The news we got from the guys at Dofus promises that mucking about with the game world’s timestream is “only a start,” so it looks like that the next little while in the turn-based strategy MMO will be really amusing. The Eliocalypse is upon Dofus, a content chord that will deploy a story for at least next three years.

It’s beginning with the Resonance part, which went live on April 9th. Resonance has transient anomalies appearing over the game world which are related to characters and era from Dofus storyline. Players will have to shut these time gaps, which scale based on the location that they appear so players with lower level wouldn’t feel left out. The reward for successful accomplishment is the Time Loop resources, which can unlock new abilities for your pet, petsmount, or mount.

It might be surprising that the idea of Dofus has a deep history to draw from, but this MMO has actually been going hard for fifteen years. Dofus is a creation of French developer Ankama, which has also made Wakfu and the approaching Waven — games that are, by the way, all part of the same universe.

More information about the Eliocalypse can be found here.

Also, check out the trailer below:


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