Division 2 open beta casually hinted by developer

Division 2 Open Beta

Division 2 private beta just ended. Ubisoft has yet to announce an open beta for the game, but during a stream on game’s official channel on the developers casually mentioned “Open Beta” during community talks. Watch clip below.

Although maybe unexpected right now, this hardly comes as a surprise. Ubisoft have taken similar road with original Division.

Division’s open beta will probably take place at the end of february or early march given release schedule. Question remains: will developers open more content in OBT compared to private beta. Although it’s worth mentioning, that Private beta already had decent amount of content to lure audience, so it’s possible, that Massive won’t add more.
We gonna start boosting Division 2 when game releases on March 15 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Keep an eye for powerleveling pre-orders.

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