Division 2 has announced that additional content will be added to the game this year.

In a recent Division 2 message, Ubisoft said that additional content will be added to the game this year. The Title 12 update was originally planned as the last major content update and Boost for Division 2.

The news came with little detail about what the new content would entail or how big the update would be. The funds to continue the development of Division 2 allegedly came from the game’s resounding support over the years.

When the Division first came out in 2016, it ran for about 3 years before Division 2, its vaunted successor, was launched in 2019. Now, in its third year of development, Division 2 has roughly reached the three-year mark that could – if the development plans were similar-lead to a new Division game heading our way.

If we take into account the fact that this content is rolled out until 2021, but the developers insist that these updates are not planned at first. We can only guess what will be on the horizon and whether we can expect something big-for example, what was Warlords of New York, or more modest updates. We look forward to the opportunity to learn more later this year.

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