Dissidence announced for open beta testing of starborne

So, recently it became known about an extension for the game, which is still in open beta testing. Developer Starborne Solid Clouds just yesterday announced that there will be an extension for Dissidence. As stated in the press release, the update will provide us with a new map, as well as new map effects. Also vozmoeno will be a new game mode, new categories of ranks, new mechanics that will determine the exact conditions of victory for each player.

Dissidence will also include new knowledge that developers have been obsessing over for the past month. As part of their new knowledge-driven approach, the team has hired two new creative writers to help flesh out the game’s narrative, and will add new historical servers that will determine how the fictional timeline will evolve.

“We present historical servers! Historical servers have the added effect that their specific result not only claims an area in space, but also a piece of knowledge will be specifically written about it. The very first dissident server is a historical server where players actually determine the outcome of the first major conflict between all three blocks in Tau Scorpii. This action means that it is possible that some major battles and some high-level political shifts will be taken into account.”

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