Dimensional Ink Games recently announced the launch of the seasonal summer event ” Tides of War”.

Continuing to follow the plan for the development of the MMORPG DC Universe Online planned for 2021, the studio Dimensional Ink Games recently announced the launch of a seasonal summer event called ” Tides of War”.

According to the plot of the event, the Lord of the Ocean, Aquaman’s half-brother, united the rebellious Atlanteans to take the throne of Atlantis by force, and since this civil war affected the Metropolis, the other heroes and villains of the fantastic universe only need to take a direct part in it. In addition, this event is a great opportunity to add to the collection of thematic items.

By the way, the developers have also prepared free gifts for all users in the form of various “cosmetics”, dedicated to the Month of Pride. In April, the DC Universe Online supplement “World of Flashpoint” was released, the release of the next episode is scheduled for the third quarter.

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