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Diablo II Resurrected: One month after the release

The action RPG Diablo II Resurrected has been out for a month now. But for many, the smooth online game they hoped for is not yet possible even 30 days after the release. Angry posts appear in the forums every hour, raising serious allegations against Blizzard. The queues and instability of the servers are on the nerves of the players.

This is the situation:

Diablo 2 Resurrected was released on September 23rd. It is a remaster of the 2000 game Diablo II. When it was released, it received good reviews on Metacritic.

But there are major server problems with Diablo II Resurrected. This led to crashes and prolonged failures. As Blizzard says, people played it “too modern”: They did too many boss runs. The players open a new game, kill a boss, close the game, open a new round. Because a lot more people are doing this in 2021 than before, the servers would not be able to handle it.

As a counter to the problem, there are now restrictions on how often new games can be created and there are queues. But many players are still dissatisfied with the current state of Diablo II Resurrected Boosting. Especially on Saturday there were angry protests: Diablo II seemed to be bursting at the seams on Saturday evening of our time.

Players are threatening lawsuits and want their money back

This is the mood: If you look at the official Blizzard forums, they are teeming with players expressing their frustration with Blizzard. They are demanding their money back or threatening to take legal action. Generally it says:

The queues are “a cheek” – you would be stuck in the queue for far too long

The online game of Diablo 2 is also unstable – you are often kicked out of the queue, then have to start again and are far behind again. Blizzard promised to get Diablo 2 Resurrected right – but it was another failure after Warcraft 3 Reforged. Some people are asking for their money back saying that Blizzard is ruining its reputation, it will have a negative impact on Diablo 4 as well.

This is what makes the situation so difficult for Blizzard: Blizzard is one of the most popular software companies because they have built a reputation for releasing clean, polished games that appear in a “more mature state” than comparable products of the competition.

The criticism of Diablo II Items is not directed at the game, but at the server structure and the stability of the servers. However, it is essential that the servers run well and stably in order to play Diablo 2 online.

This creates the impression that Blizzard has not considered everything in a “relatively easy” task and now seems overwhelmed. Especially the statement that the players are playing “too modern” hits some bitterly off. Because they say: 20 years ago you already ran the farm runs intensively with a high server load. According to Blizzard, a lot more people would do it now than back then. Apparently that is the problem.

The situation is also so difficult for Blizzard because it has had so few releases in recent years: And there was a lot of criticism of Warcraft III Reforged, the last remaster. In Diablo 2 everything should be different. The game itself was well received and praised for its technical quality, but the server problems, one month after the launch, are now spoiling the good mood.

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