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Diablo 2 Resurrected has a problem and the solution will annoy PC gamers

The release of Diablo 2 Resurrected is imminent and many fans are eagerly waiting to play the old game with the new graphics. One problem, however, still preoccupies part of the community: hotkeys for skills.

What is the problem? In the remaster of Diablo 2 Boost, the skills of your classes can be provided with hotkeys. On the PC these are the keys F1-F12, with which you can call up up to 12 different skills.

The function is quite simple:

  • You call up the options and set any key as a hotkey for a skill
  • You call up the skills in your bar (mouse button over the action buttons)
  • Moves the mouse over a skill and presses the key to which the skill is to be bound

Why is there a problem? In this way you bind a skill to a key, but do not use it. Instead, equip it and then activate it with the left or right mouse button.

The system dates back to an olden time and is now obsolete. In more modern ARPGs like Diablo 3, an ability is activated as soon as you press the corresponding button. This will not be the case in Resurrected: There you put a skill by pressing the F key on the right mouse button and then activate it.

PlayStation and Xbox provide the solution

How do you fix the problem? Fortunately, Diablo 2 Resurrected offers more control options. Since the game will also be playable on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, controllers can also be used for control – even on the PC.

As soon as you use a controller, the interface changes. Instead of the two active skills at the bottom of the screen, you have 6 to choose from. A second bar can be called up via one of the trigger buttons, so that you can use a total of 12 skills.

In contrast to the mouse and keyboard, the skills on the controller are used directly. So you don’t put it on an activation key first. You use potions via the control pad. Controllers can also be connected to the PC.

Purists who only play with a mouse and keyboard have to be prepared for cumbersome entries. For console gamers, however, that’s probably the only real benefit. Because they are missing what is probably the most important feature of Diablo 2, the lobby.

Is there an alternative? In a Q&A in May, the development team said that the activation of the skills should be retained for the time being. It remains to be seen whether something will change at the release or afterwards – so there is no real alternative.

However, the devs are even playing with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadopting a system from Diablo 3. It is possible that the controls will also be improved.

How do you feel about the matter? Would you like the team here to orient itself more towards modern ARPGs and revise outdated systems such as the controls? Or are you one of those hardcore fans for whom selecting and activating skills is fun? Either way, not everything has stayed the same with the remaster.

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