Pearl Abyss takes the publishing rights for Black Desert’s South Korean version

pearl abyss Black desert

As MMO Culture reports, Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss takes the publishing rights for the South Korean version of its famous MMO from the popular game publisher Kakao Games.

The Contract Details

As the contract states, Pearl Abyss will own the publishing rights starting May 30th, and since that moment the developer will officially be responsible for publishing duties for the PC and console versions across the world in all regions except North America and Europe, where Kakao still will be in charge. It’s also reported that the agreement “marks one of the very rare times where the original data will also be transferred to Pearl Abyss,” which is different to other cases where “data transfers to the new publisher [were] never approved.”

Black Desert for Xbox Game Pass

By Microsoft’s statement, Black Desert will be amongst eight selected games that will go live to the Xbox Game Pass this month. You can read more about Black Desert‘s launch on Xbox Game Pass here.

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