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Developers “The Redeemed Citadel ” shared what their team is working on.

While the heroes of the fantasy world of MMORPG Neverwinter are busy participating in the temporary campaign” the Redeemed Citadel”, dedicated to the restoration of the Bloody citadel, the developers shared details about what their team is currently working on.

So, one of the priority areas for the creators was interaction with the characteristics of characters, which means solving a number of issues related to improving the mechanics of zooming, a clearer display of the level of items, simplifying the perception of parameters on the part of users, the correct combination of content and equipment available for its passage, and even the availability of space for experiments with unusual builds.

At the same time, in order to achieve their goals, the team is preparing many different changes that affect the system of calculating the rating, the purpose of certain indicators, racial bonuses, gifts, companions, the degree of power of abilities, and much more.

By the way, on PTR right now you can get acquainted with the upcoming adjustments in General terms.

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