Developers of Guild Wars 2 will stream Episode 5 – All or Nothing this week

Guild Wars 2 All or Nothing

Guild Wars 2 is back for its fifth Welcome Back week, now it will be for Living World Season 4: Episode 5 – All or Nothing. This part promises players new story content and chance to travel through Thunderhead Peaks, a dwarven bastion from the original Guild Wars. You can get your free episode if you have installed the Path of Fire update from April 23rd to April 29th.

This week is the last chance for you to be back to Guild Wars 2! It can be suppressing to catch up and to know you’ve missed something, so making it easy for you to speed on Living World Season 4, devs have got livestreams, guides, and free or discounted items in the Gem Store, focusing on one episode per week. This week the fifth episode of the season, “All or Nothing” is a subject. ArenaNet developers and partner streamers will be streaming it the whole week.

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