Developers of Grim Dawn reveals what will be remade in Shattered Realm in its latest blog

Grim Dawn

The Grim Dawn released its latest expansion, Forgotten Gods, a few weeks ago and it hit the well-known shelves, so developers can celebrate and take some rest. But they won’t. Crate Entertainment are already making plans for their next bomb dark-fantasy ARPG, and even can already give us some hints of what to expect.

The expansion’s release, version, will begin with a major balance update that will modify the Shattered Realm and rebuild a bunch of older sets that needs some TLC. That update is “going into testing soon”. The malicious dwellers of the Shattered Realms will see their health scaling changed a bit from Shards 1-60 “so that the difficulty starts a little lower and progresses more smoothly before reaching the hardest levels.” The loot part is getting its modifications too, making it “so that the loot rewards start considerably higher.” Boss distribution in the Shattered Realm is also getting rebuilt, which should avert some especially hard to defeat bosses from appearing at lower Shards and make leveling feel a little easier in general.

More than that, the developers have modified some older sets, they spotted four of them and made them aging better, as they’d have liked. These sets — Bloodrager’s Endless Frenzy, Iskandra’s Unification, The Clairvoyant’s Focus, and Ulzuin’s Infernal Avatar — are receiving their tweaks to combine them with other sets, which should, we hope, make them workable choices and increase an amount of some new build potential for players to explore.

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