Developers are massively leaving Destiny 2: the game's future

Developers are massively leaving Destiny 2: the game’s future, players concerned

Destiny 2: devs are leaving

Despite a lot of Destiny 2 fans considered Bungie and Activision-Blizzard’s separation from each other as good news for the studio, the numbers of high-profile departues happened recently could predict tough times are coming for the Halo creator’s noted MMO shooter.

The crew is dismissing

It became known last weekend that ex-raid design lead Joe Blackburn and narrative lead Jill Schar had left their seats, and soon after that, gameplay designer Claude Jerome left the company too, as he placed that info on his Twitter bio. Their departures weren’t first: month earlier the company was left by senior gameplay designer Jon Weisnewski and sandbox design lead Josh Hamrick.

The most of the ex-devs would only say bright things about Bungie and the Destiny 2 team, but the community is yet concerned,  where all what happens may lead the game in future, which is comprehensible.

The future of Destiny 2

What’s for now, Bungie promises that DLC content will be provided every month until August, but this is all what we now about Destiny 2‘s future so far. It can be assumed that Bungie wants to shut down Destiny 2 and proceed to Destiny 3’s development: this is not a rare case in MMO universe when developers look out for new opportunities while other projects are in work, anyway it’s yet for us to know what’s ahead.

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