Destiny 2's player counts hit one million of active users daily

Destiny 2’s player counts hit one million of active users daily, the reasons?

destiny 2 player count raised

Destiny 2‘s newest content season, The Season of Opulence, seems to be bringing players back into Bungie’s live-service shooter. Player counts jumped to over one million daily active users across all three major consoles following the new season.

Ups and Downs of Destiny 2

The game has been through the dark times caused by the re-acquisition of Destiny 2 by Bungie and the split from Activision last year. Activision specifically cited the loss of Destiny 2 as one of the causes for a drop in users in a recent earnings call, so while the future looks bright for Bungie, it now seems like a more appreciable loss for the company. Anyway, the player count is raised again and this is a good occasion to celebrate.

Destiny 2 hasn’t hit over a million daily users since Forsaken was released last year. There are some reasons why the players’ interest has been returned. It could be related to the release of Season of Opulence or due to last week’s announcement that Destiny 2 will become free to play in September. Lastly, the Shadowkeep expansion is on the way.  Before E3 Bungie also announced key changes coming to the Destiny 2 franchise. Not only is there a new expansion, but cross-save is finally coming to all platforms, including PS4.

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