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Warning: Do not play Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris untill upcoming hotfix

Hardcore PvP event Trials of Osiris  in Destiny 2 had players excited, Tho It turned out to be a somewhat disappointing in the end. It is a bug,  that prevents the Trials from dropping loot for some players, and game developers warned players might have to wait until Saturday night to play the tournament and get the rewards,

Game Devs posted on Friday that they were investigating the problem with Trials loot not dropping Correctly, So they are aware and the fix is on its way.

Since Trials of Osiris Weekly Challenges will unlock at 5pm PDT on Saturday, we should be able to get full loot from event by that time, which means you would want to play this event Saturday evenings. In post they also said that they will fix the issue in later patch to make sure that Trials rewards are available at reset on Friday, but we do not know how long it might take.

As you might know, The Trials of Osiris is a PvP Challenge in which teams of thee fight each other with a goal of winning 7 games in a row, and Trial card tracks you records along the way and loot gets distributed according to your success, at 3,5 and 7 total wins.

This bug means that rewards that should be distributed at certain wins (Trial-specific guns and armor), are not appearing for players who won. Looks like Bungie Can not distribute loot players have already earned on the fly, so if you already have done the Trials event, you will have to do it again.


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