Destiny 2 will become more competitible with the new Contest Mode

Destiny 2 is about to be fairly competitible with the new Contest Mode

destiny 2 contest mode

Destiny 2 developers have decided to make the game more competitive, so some new restrictions were added to the Crown of Sorrows raid on Day 1. The World First raid races should provide fame and rewards to those with a sufficiently committed fireteam, so making races like that, Bungie levels the playing field. You can find our Destiny 2 Boosting offers in respective section of the store.

The Contest Mode

Now teams will have their power levels locked to specific thresholds at each encounter and won’t be able to over level the content to make it easier. Let us say, in the first raid fight all the power above 700 will be decreased, not giving any extra advantage. The highest level of the power for the final fight will be 720.

We won’t say, the innovation will be here for a long time, to be exact, for 24 hours since the update launches, but if Contest mode will work well for Crown of Sorrow, may be it stays. Great, if it does, so players will have a hope to not spending hours on leveling but still have a possibility to complete raid fast.

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