10 season "Greatness" is available for shooter Destiny 2

Destiny 2 – The “Greatness” Season Is On Live

The Greatness Season for Destiny 2

Players of Destiny 2 multiplayer shooter were waiting for a new chapter in the development of the project – season 10 “Greatness” on March 10. Bungie Studios worked hard to ensure that the spring season was as interesting for their community as possible. Also just a note – it’s really easy to order Destiny 2 Carry service in our boosting store.

Despite the fact that the players were able to free the Sundial, one can only dream of rest. The Red Legion is preparing to implement a revenge plan that includes the total destruction of the Last City. Players need to form unexpected alliances and alert Rasputin’s defense systems to repel the threat and save the city.

The heroes have to carry out new open events “Seraph Tower”, as well as to clear the bunkers scattered in different corners of the system, restoring their connection with the military mind.

The “Greatness” season also brings back the popular PVP mode from the first part of the game – Trials of Osiris. Absolutely all guards who have reached the 960 level of power are able to take part in it.

Season pass open access to a huge number of interesting rewards, including new armor sets from the Seven Seraphs and the exotic Tommy Matchbook Catalyst. In addition, there are exotic assignments, triumphs, stories, contracts, equipment, processing abilities and much more.

The schedule for unlocking the content of the season “Greatness”:

  • March 10 – PVE-event ” Seraph Tower “
  • March 10 – 24 – The legendary lost sectors bunker “Seraph”: EMZ and the Moon
  • March 13 – PVP Trials of Osiris
  • April 7 – The legendary lost sectors bunker “Seraph”: IO
  • April 21 – The difficulty level of gloomy raids Grandmaster: Nightfall
  • April 21 – May 11 – Event “Guardian Games” and the new legendary armor

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