Destiny 2 platforms are blocked to transfer characters between them

Destiny 2 platforms are blocked by Sony to transfer characters between them

Destiny 2

As it’s reported, Sony is in charge of more than locking certain Destiny 2 content to PS4.

Destiny 2 was the first game for PC in the series. There was a big hype about that news, for apparent reasons, but “will we be able to bring our console characters to PC” question was also on everyone’s mind?

It’s true that Destiny 2 Boosting substantially started everyone off from zero, but the PC version didn’t launch at the same date with consoles, so many users had already spent huge amount of hours on the console version and now start everything over on PC? No way.

As it became clear, Bungie, wanted the feature as well – specifically before Forsaken went live, but Sony wouldn’t let it. On the past episode of Splitscreen podcast, Jason Schreier said that Sony removed character transfers between platforms because it might made people to associate Destiny with PS4.

This is not the first time Sony refuse to permit a feature and how it makes players disappointed. The platform holder blocked, as it’s known, cross-play in Fortnite and other games for months, until ultimately letting it on a case by case basis.

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