Destiny 2: New Light - new details; Bungie about the gameplay

Destiny 2: New Light – new details, Bungie answered some questions; Season of Opulence news

destiny 2 new light new content

Bungie has revealed more details about what will be included in Destiny 2: New Light, thanks to developers, it is quite massive. As we said earlier, New Light will contain all of Year 1’s stuff including the base game and its campaign, plus the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions, and any Year 1 raids. When it comes to Forsaken and Year 2 content (which is when Destiny 2 really turned itself around). Today we will share more information about New Light.

New Features

New Light players will be able to play the following content for free:

  • Free roam on all destinations (including the Moon coming in the Shadowkeep expansion)
  • Strikes playlists
  • Crucible playlists
  • Gambit and Gambit Prime playlists
  • Select Annual Pass content


Developers have also answered some questions:

Q: Do players need to repurchase Destiny 2 on each cross save platform separately?

A: No. New Light will be available for free on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.

  • Cross save will preserve all gear, character, and items across all platforms regardless of entitlements.
  • Expansion ownership (Forsaken, Shadowkeep) is tied to the platform’s store it was purchased on. Players will need to purchase expansions on each platform that they wish to play that expansion content on.

Q: Can players merge different characters, items, or Triumphs from different accounts?

A: Cross save does not feature account, character, or progress merging. Selecting a active account for cross save does not delete or alter the data of any other accounts.

Q: Will Destiny 2 support cross-play matchmaking between different platforms?

A: Each platform will have its own matchmaking pool.

Other News

The Season of Opulence is underway with new Iron Banner weapons and armor. The Iron Banner Boost armor this time can be accessed through a questline that will reward one piece of armor per objective met.

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