Destiny 2 Imperials Treasure Map is available to play

Destiny 2 Imperials Treasure Map is available to play, Treasure Bounties this week

destiny treasure map

The weekly reset in Destiny 2 has brought with it more bounties for players to complete for Calus. Once you finish the bounties, you will get loot and some Imperials, but you will also get an Imperial Treasure Map. The maps lead players to a chest where they receive a rune for your Chalice of Opulence. You can pick up Imperial treasure map bounties from Werner 99-44 on Nessus or from Benedict 99-44 in the Tower.

More In Update

In addition to the normal reset of bounties, this week also sees Lord Saladin and his Iron Banner return to the Tower. While the gameplay remains the same as it always has, Bungie has changed the way players earn gear in season 7. The Iron Banner bounties are now the primary source of the new armor, tasking players with completing the various objectives which then drop the associated gear piece as a powerful reward. Better yet, finishing the bounty also adds the armor to the Iron Banner loot pool, letting players turn in tokens for the opportunity at different or better rolls.

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