Destiny 2 details Heroic Menagerie Mode, is it so different here?

Destiny 2 details Heroic Menagerie Mode, is it so different here?

destiny 2 heroic menagerie mode

This week, Bungie outlined what players who’ve already mastered the Menagerie can expect from next week’s launch of a Heroic mode and made a statement regarding Lord of Wolves’ dominance in multiplayer, saying they won’t be nerfing or banning the gun until later this summer. You can order Power leveling boost for Destiny 2 in our store.

Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie Differences

As you could guess, the Heroic version of the Menagerie has a higher Power Level requirement for entry. Whereas the normal Menagerie demands that you be 690, the Heroic edition requires a level of 740. And you probably want to be higher than that, too — the toughest enemies you’ll face will be at 770.

However, not only a higher light level makes the Heroic Menagerie harder. You could notice that there’s an additional modifier on the activity selection screen called Extinguish. This modifier means that if all Fireteam members are ever dead simultaneously, they get booted back to orbit. This means that the Menagerie now works similarly to some Heroic Quests.

If that wasn’t enough, the Heroic Menagerie in Destiny 2 has a fail condition. The normal version of the Menagerie can’t be failed in any real sense. If Guardians run out of time on a particular encounter, they simply move on to the next, repeating encounters until they fill the bar that unlocks the final boss. But in the Heroic Menagerie, you only get to do each encounter once. Haven’t filled that bar before the last one? Back to orbit with you.

Since we are only in week 1 for the Heroic Menagerie, it’s unclear if each boss will have a different exotic weapon catalyst or each chest will reward the Izanagi’s Burden catalyst. There are a ton of new exotic weapon catalysts in the database for Destiny 2, so it’s feasible that each boss would offer a different one.

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