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Destiny 2 community has doubled the size of the team.

So, the Destiny 2 community has doubled the size of the team to handle the most challenging content in the game, discovering a large one that allows 12 Guardians to join Raids, Night Fights, and Dungeons.

The failure requires precise timing to execute, with two fire groups joining together with precise coordination. When two groups prepare for an action, the leader of the first group chooses the action, be it raid, dungeon, or Twilight, that the group wants to do. Those who join will join the second Fire group and will have to wait. As soon as the first team lines up for the mission, when the timer strikes 2 seconds, the second team leader will join them, bringing all their players with them. Both Fire Groups will find themselves on a mission together, destroying enemies like stalks of wheat.

And obviously that’s not how Bungy planned to play his raids, although until the team can fix it, there’s really nothing stopping the Firefighters from having a little fun with the glitch. However, the Destiny team is aware of this glitch, and a tweet from a senior Bungie community manager makes a mocking comment on Twitter.

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