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Deathloop receives top ratings from the press

Deathloop has been released and Arkane Studios was once again able to prove that they understand their craft. The Immersive Sim receives top ratings from the press.

In the gaming landscape, Deathloop stands out above all with its interesting gameplay. Because here you are not forced to follow a certain procedure, but can decide for yourself how to approach the numerous challenges. And as the press ratings show, it works extremely well!

What is so impressive about Deathloop? Instead of always relying on violence as in classic shooters, you can proceed in any way imaginable in Deathloop. While you can of course reach your goal in the traditional way with brute force and a lot of action, the game also allows extremely creative solutions.

This is not just about being able to either shoot or sneak. Instead, there are numerous variations of these two paths, which you can also combine with each other as you wish. Abilities in particular enable numerous tactics. For example, you can connect opponents. If one dies, the same fate overtakes the other.

More variety than ever before: This principle, already known from the other Arkane games, is also extended by a time loop in Deathloop. Because you have to turn off all of your goals by midnight, or experience the day again. This fact invites you to always complete the individual challenges in a new way.

What is Deathloop about? You take on the role of Colt, who on a remote island in the 1960s has to take out a total of eight key people who maintain the time warp. Between him and his target are not only the heavily armed inhabitants of the island, but also an assassin named Julianna.

She does everything she can to keep Colt from his goal. However, you never know exactly how it will act. Then Julianna can also be taken over by another player. Of course, he can choose to attack you directly. However, it is also possible that he will set on traps or even help you with your endeavor.

Dream ratings on Metacritic

This ambitious gameplay not only sounds interesting on paper, it also works. On Metacritic, Deathloop consistently receives top ratings. The average here for the PC and PS5 version is a total of 88 out of 100 points.

From PC gamers to GameStar, the international trade press is consistently impressed by the game. The players themselves also agree by giving it a lot of positive ratings on Steam. The initial criticisms regarding the technology have disappeared since the release of the first patch and users particularly positively emphasize the exciting gameplay mechanics.

Arkane Studios has once again achieved a real hit with which everyone – regardless of whether they are action or stealth lovers – can have fun. So you shouldn’t be put off by the complex-looking description.

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