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Deathloop: Arkane talks about a previously undiscovered secret in the game

There are a lot of secrets in the time warp game Deathloop. Most of them should have been uncovered a long time after almost a month since the release of the first-person action game from Arkane. Level designer Julien Eveillé has now revealed that one of the most obvious secrets has not yet been discovered.

Time loop games like Returnal, Forgotten City or Twelve Minutes are a trend that will hold up in 2021. With each new time loop, players can try different solutions and uncover more and more secrets. The first-person action game Deathloop is no exception to this rule.

The world of Deathloop is also full of hidden secrets that can be gradually revealed. In four regions, each of which can play in four periods of time, it takes a lot of game play to uncover every secret. But after almost a month since the game was released, it can be assumed that the fans have probably uncovered everything.

According to a tweet from Julien Eveillé, a level designer at Arkane, this is not the case: “I know full well that the internet has not found everything that is hidden in Deathloop,” he tweeted. “There’s still one secret thing I’d like someone to find out.”

According to Eveillé’s tweets, he mostly worked on the Updaam region, both the noon and afternoon versions. Ordinarily, fans could now assume the secret is hidden there. But it is not that easy. When asked by a Twitter user what the type of secret was, Eveillé replied:

“It’s a much larger consequence of a much larger event that can only happen if you let it happen. Besides, the cause and the result are not on the same map!”

So it is advisable not only to search Updaam at noon or in the afternoon, but to look for cause and effect. The Level Designer further explains in the Twitter feed that it’s not even that well hidden:

“It’s actually very obvious, but it relies on a number of not-so-obvious possibilities.”

What exactly he means by his tip can only be found out by the community. After all, there is now new evidence that can lead a few players on the right track.

What do you think of Deathloop? Have you already tried the time loop game?

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