Dead Space: developers about microtransactions in the remake

Dead Space: developers about microtransactions in the remake

Will the Dead Space remake include microtransactions? EA has announced the remake of the space horror game Dead Space as part of EA Play Live 2021. The new edition is currently being created “from scratch” and should meet today’s requirements through improved control as well as modern graphics and sound. But what about controversial features like microtransactions?

Senior producer Phil Ducharme from the EA Motive developer studio recently spoke about this in an interview. In it, he clearly rejected microtransactions:

“We are currently looking at what we can take and replant from a future point of view. But we also learn from mistakes such as microtransactions – which, for example, will not happen – for our game.”

In the further course of the conversation, Ducharme also made it clear that the remake of Dead Space was designed in such a way that microtransactions will not play a role at a later point in time and will therefore definitely not find their way into the new edition. Thus, the EA Motive studio remains true to its previous point of view in this regard. The action game Star Wars Squadrons, released last year, also managed without microtransactions and other in-game purchases.

The release of the remake of Dead Space is planned for the PC, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X / S. However, a specific release date is not yet known.

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